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9 Gifts of Allah’s Mercy (Part 1)


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There are a lot of things in this world which are provided by Allah to us out of His mercy. For me, they are special gifts from Him to ease us through the life in this world. Allah, the All Beneficient and the Most Merciful knows us well enough and He created us together with all that we need to live a life. Let us think trough and list down what are those gifts. Below is my list…

1. Ourselves
The first gift of Allah’s mercy is ourselves. Our own self is a gift from Allah. It covers both seen and unseen part of ours. If we look at human anatomy, we will find out that our body consists of countless organs which are being constructed from different kind of tissues and cells. They run different functions of systems that support our life. We have respiratory, digestive, circulatory, sensors, reproductive and many more.. and also there are the unseen .. thinking, memory, emotion and whatnot. All of these run continuously non-stop without even we press any button. Who holds this button? Yes, Allah… He starts and ends us.

2. Endless supply of oxygen
We all know that our well constructed body needs oxygen to run. The whole system will stop whenever there is no supply of oxygen by a few second or minutes. Just imagine how if the oxygen supply were like supply of fresh water. We need to go somewhere to find it.. and when we do find it, we need to store it somewhere in our back pack to ensure we have enough to sustain our lives. How horrible that life will be.. but Allah gives us FREE endless supply of oxygen. From day one of humanity until now, the supply is enough for everyone in every second of our lives.

3. A Resourceful World
Look around us, our world is full of resources. Besides FREE endless supply of oxygen, we have plenty of other resources. There is water for us to drink, bath, washing, cleaning and even to generate energy. There are plants and animals for us to eat, drink, make clothing, medicine, shelter, furniture, decoration and even as transportation. There are oils, minerals, natural gas and infinite list of resources with their own uses provided by Allah for us in this world. The best part of it, they are all enough from day one until now.

4. Knowledge
Given full load of resources without knowing how to use them is also useless. Even people in the stone age needs knowledge to turn rocks to tools and weapons or make fire. That is why Allah provides us with sensors to learn and acquire knowledge from things surround us. Knowledge acquisition is natural from the day we were in our mother’s womb until we die. We learn intrinsically or extrinsically using our conscious or sub-conscious mind. That is also “auto-programmed” by Allah for us. We can choose what we want to learn by choosing our materials and environment, but we can not choose not to learn anything… yeah, as long as we don’t cut our sensors.

… to be continued.

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  1. The blessings of Allah upon us are countless. There are so many blessings of Allah that we can’t even write them down. KI, this is very good reminder for me.

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